Racism is Ignoracism

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In the mid 1950s I moved from St. Louis, MO to Atlanta, GA. What I found changed my life. I found that southern hospitality only applied to whites. I found apartheid.
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Over 28 years ago I went from a white wife in the lily white suburbs of Detroit to a black wife in a mostly black neighborhood in Detroit's inner city. I had no problem in the transition. I found that I was accepted by those I met as an equal.
Racists are usually ignorant people. Racism is learned from racist parents, friends and the environment. When I left my white wife I lost all of my friends because I went to a black woman. We would not be served by waitresses in restaurants. We had to check our food for foreign objects. People looked at us like we were the scum of the earth.
After the split up I stayed in the black community. All of my friends were black. I found that if a girlfriend and I went to the suburbs we would be pulled over by the racist cops because we were a mixed couple. If I was riding with my buddies we would get pulled over by NARCO because as one cop said, “One white man with black men is a drug dealer.”
Racist hate me because I am a traitor to the white race.
One time a friend of mine said I was a racist. I asked how could I be a racist when you are my best friend. He said that I hated whites. I realized that he was right and I decided then and there that in the future I would give everyone a equal treatment.
This site is about racism and I will have links to racism sites and stories. If you have a story about racism or are a victim of racism I will be happy to give you a web page on this site to tell your story.
I hope this site makes a difference. Racism is still alive and I think it is getting worse instead of better.

racism is ignoracism

For almost a decade, the police department of Dothan, Alabama has been planting drugs and weapons on black suspects in...

Posted by The Ring of Fire on Sunday, December 6, 2015

I guess shit like this dont trend! Go head sistah, proud of you!

Posted by Dick Jones on Monday, November 16, 2015

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