African Americans


Bigotry is still alive

Many people wonder why the African Americans complain in this country.  They complain because they are still discriminated against.  In states that have capital punishment if you are black and tried for murder the odds are that you will get the death penalty.
If you are put on trial for a crime you did not commit and you are a poor black person you may get convicted.  

Why?  Because the juries are stacked against you.  If your jury is all white and the crime was against a white man the odds are against you.  In many cases the real perp is known but the police and/or prosecutor wants you.  

How can your lawyer let it happen?  If you are poor you have a court appointed attorney.  He may be a drunk.  He may sleep through your trial.  He may be in bed with the prosecutor.

Blacks are still discriminated against when the apply for jobs, call for reservations at nice restaurants or hotels.  Go into a store and if you are  blacks you will be watched by security while the white shoplifters do their thing and getting away with it. Police will pull a black person over just because they are black.  Mixed couples and a white man with more than one white man are even more likely to get pulled over.

The problem is not only black white but sometimes it is dark light among blacks.  Many blacks who "make it" do not help others "make it"  but in some cases discriminate against other blacks.

How do I know?  What are my qualifications?  I spent over 20 years in the black community.  I have seen it and I still see it every day.  I have felt the prejudice because I am to many a "traitor to my own race."

If you have stories of discrimination that are recent and/or ongoing, please e-mail me with your story or comments.

Freedom's Cry

by Brian G. Williams

The sound of leather striking flesh,

Echoes across the fields.

And battles with the cries of pain,

That inhumanity yields.


The sun that burns the brown skin black,

Cannot their bruises hide.

Nor can the mounds of upturned earth,

Erase the ones who've died.


The scarred backs that bend in toil,

Bend to reap the cotton boll.

But backs alone don't bear the pain,

Of the blows that harm the soul.


Some men believe that skin is all,

And black is less than man.

That white is pure and blessed,

So the winds of hatred they fan.


The slavery days of our soiled past,

May be gone by the words of our laws,

But the fight for equality marches on,

As humanity still has its flaws.


Now it is by man's actions,

That one's humanity is shown,

And those who hate their fellow man,

Are the ones that will need to atone.


For one may think they're better,

More human than the rest.

But their eyes will one day be opened,

And they will see who's blessed.


The man who lives for his fellow man,

Be they red, yellow, black, brown or white -

The man who honors all equally,

Is the man who has chosen the right.


Let us honor the women and men,

Who've given their all to freedom's creed,

And let us remember the sins of our past,

Lest their lessons we fail to heed.

© Copyright 2003 Brian G. Williams



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