Arab Americans - bigotry is still alive

Since 911 things for the Arab American have gotten worse.  People complain about how they talk to each other in the language of their homeland in front of others.  I say so what.  If they are more comfortable talking to each other in their language that is up to them.  I am willing to bet that most Americans that live overseas do the same thing.

This country was built on the fact that it is open to people from all religions, races and national origin.  We are known for the fact that we have religious freedom.  We also have ethnic freedom. If we went along with the love it or leave it attitude (which is un-American.) why do we all not speak the language of the Native Americans and practice their religions.

People try to blame 911 on the Muslim.  Frankly that is B.S. The fanatics that committed the terrorist attacks are not following Muslim laws and beliefs but there own twisted thoughts.  Christians have done their dirt in the name of God and Christ but they were not true Christians.  The Christian way of life is love thy neighbor not matter what religion race or creed they are.

People fear what they do not understand.  If you do not understand take the time to learn about what you do not understand.

If you are Arab American and you have a story that you want to share, have something to say about the Palestinian situation or have links that you think should be on this site, please e-mail me and tell me your story.  

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