A Conversation with a UK Bigot

From: The British Bigot

How can you befriend the most obsecure race on Earth!

From: Lee Gaylord

I thank God that you are in the minority.  What is surprising is that bigots are usually uneducated and ignorant where you are educated and ignorant.

From: The British Bigot

Unfortunately all this politically-correct egalitarian thought overlooks the fact that blacks are the lowest achieving race on Earth. It's all very well calling me plain ignorant when there is no real evidence that blacks are as intelligent as caucasians. Indeed all research shows that blacks struggle in the academic field whereas other groups excell (not just whites by the way). Do you realise in Britain that Chinese and Indian children outperform whites at GCSES whereas blacks really screw up at this level!
Still they say the British education system is racist. If you believe such apologist leftist crap then you are not just a crazy old white man you are a plain pathetic piece of old white trash!

From: Lee Gaylord

When it comes to education the blacks are generally lacking because they have been held down by the white system.  The same goes for the poor whites. 

We all come from the same beginning.  DNA wise there is not enough of a difference to say that the races are different.  Our differences come from the climate of were our ancestors began.  We all come from the black race and as we spread over the world we evolved into the other races. 

The races are slowly merging because the differences are no longer needed.  Soon we will be one race however instead of racial discrimination there will be color discrimination.

I have been wealthy and I have been poor.  I have lived in a white world and a black world.  I have found that in general the blacks are more real and honest than whites.  Blacks have more street sense than whites.  Blacks have an ability to spot a phony where most whites do not. 

Yes there are a higher percentage of blacks in prison than whites but that is because of economics more than anything else.  Many blacks are in prison for crimes committed by whites who can afford to frame them.

I speak from my experiences in life.  My best education comes from the streets and from studying real life not academic life.  I do not refer to the lab but to the real world. 

The white world has most of the problems of the black world but the white world white washes the problem and ignores it until it is too late.

No matter what I say you will not change your mind and no matter what you say I will not change my mind.  If you lived in my shoes your mind would be more in line with mine.  I do know that my black friends are true friends.  They are there for me when I need them.  I can not say the same for my former white friends.  They were there when they needed me.
I have nothing against you personally.  I do feel sorry for you because your life is hurt by your closed mind.  You will never find the happiness I have found as long as you do not open your heart to the human race and realize what makes the human race so beautiful are the differences within the race.

From: The British Bigot

Ok, sorry for the derogatory language. However you should not feel sorry for me. On a pragmatic level in the U.K. you are 14 times more likely to be mugged by a black person(Black Information Link 2002), a black male is 13 times more likely to be convicted and got to jail and a female 21 times! (BBC 2003). I say I will change my perception of the black community when
these trends change! Because I recognise these problems does not make me ignorant.
You must also recognise that multiculturalism is potentially very dangerous. After all 13 million Native Americans were massacred by immigrants, the assimilation of Jews and Gentiles in Europe was a failure (two thirds of Jews having been massacred in the Holocaus in Europe). Furthermore the Middle East problems have grown out of multiculturalism,
and the failure of Jews and Muslims to live together. The same trends can be found in Australia, Sri lanka, India, South Africa and Northern Ireland.  So dont tell me that multiculturalism is necessarily good for society!
If you feel sorry for my negative views on blacks then by God I am sorry how you feel about whites! Think about it if black people ruled the World would we have the privilege of being able to communicate by e-mail?
And you say whites dont care about you, (this is probably how you have become so detached from white society). Then again what have 'Uncle Toms' like Colin Powell and Condelezza Rice, Michael Jackson and Don King done for blacks? Is this any reason for blacks to neglect their people. I think not! Just think again about your Afrocentric position.

From: Lee Gaylord

I live in Detroit.  The city is between 80% and 90% black. 
The city is growing again.  There is new construction all over.  The city is turning into a good city to visit.  Our Casinos make more money than those in Vegas.  One is Native American owned and the other 2 are Vegas and local ownership.  The Native American one is the  best.
There is a saying, "There ain't no party like a Detroit party."  We will have over a million people at our parties with little or no crime.
Yes our neighborhoods have crime.  I have been robbed twice myself.  I show no fear so I am pretty safe.  In both cases when I was robbed I was on good terms with the robbers.  They even thanked me.  One time in the suburbs someone attempted to rob me but I conned him out of $5.00.
The growth in the city is because the black administration worked with the white money people and convinced them to help rebuild.  In many areas of our city crime is lower than similar areas in the suburbs.
The crime problem in the white suburbs is getting to be as bad as the urban areas.  The drug problem is on its way to being worse in the suburbs than the city.
Detroit is a multi cultural metropolitan area.  Now that the blacks have the power in the urban area they are showing the whites that they can succeed and now the whites want to work with the blacks. 
Most of the problems can be solved by giving the poor an equal education.  The problem with the I don't care parents can be taken care of with bringing in people who care to help the young people. 
It is not a black white problem but a poverty problem.  It just so happens that black poverty is worse because they have been held back for so many years by the white community.  It takes time to overcome the problems caused by prejudice and bigotry.  Bigotry is still a big problem in this country and the world.
We are all equal but we are all different.  Viva le difference.

From: Lee Gaylord

I happen to think that there is good and bad in all of us.  I have known some "bad" people who I would trust with my life.  It is all how you react with others.  Today I do not prejudge anyone.  I treat everyone as my equal.  I am always myself.
I am me and I do not apologize to anyone for it.  I do not play games and I do speak my mind.  Some people do not like it and I have been threatened by people who I expose or that think I will expose them.
I wrote a letter to a man on death row who is innocent. The prison sent a copy to the man who really did it and he e-mailed me to stay out of it.   That was the first case I got involved in.  The inmate stopped writing me because he was afraid I may be in danger.  He is scheduled for execution next month.
I love life and I love people.  I have friends of all types, colors, sizes, nationalities, sexual persuasion and other things that separate us.  None of those things make us less than anyone else.
You may be more intelligent than many people but you may also be lacking in other areas where they excel. 
Do not down people for their differences but learn from their differences.  You may be surprised how much you have in common.
My best friends are people society is trying to forget. 

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