Bigotry is still alive

In the Detroit area we have people from all races, religions and  national origins.  If you are not a bigot you have a chance to learn about the many cultures.  If you are a white bigot you are a minority.

I was staying with a young lady who had a teenage son.  He and his friends built a basket ball backboard and hoop and a stand for it so they could play basketball in the street.  It was strong, durable and regulation height.  There were a couple of skin heads living down the street and they decided to stop the young blacks from enjoying there basket ball games.  They ran into it with their car. The car was totaled and the kids were playing basketball as soon as the car was towed away.

Bigotry is from ignorance.  If a person does not understand a group they may not like the group.  It is also from fear.  In many cases if a person is down they want someone to blame, even though they are really the ones to blame, so they pick on all groups that they are not a part of.

No matter how you cut it bigotry is wrong.  Not all of any group are bad.  You can not condem a whole group of people for the actions of a few.  I have friends from all races, religions and national origins.  I have friends who are gays, lesbians, bi sexuals and transgendered.

We are all equals in the eyes of God.  We are all equal and we are all different.  The difference is what makes the human race so beautiful.  The equallity makes the human race great.

Have you ever notices how beautiful mixed children.  It has been said by antropologists that all races will mix into one human race.  We will still have color differences, religious differences and national origin differences.  We will still have bigotry.

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