Gay Rights

Here is where people will get up set   The subject of gay rights is  fought over using religious arguements, phobias and a hatred of people who are different.  They do not  care about the reasons for a person becoming gay.  They do not care that gays are Gods children too.  They look at AIDs and try to say that it is a gay disease when it does not discriminate.  Don't forget there are a lot of diseases that you can get from heterosexual activities too.  Medical Science has cut the severity of the others.  When AIDs killed some famous people and started killing heterosexuals the push for a cure started.

I have met many Gays in the last few years and I have come up with my conclusions based on what I have seen.  My views have changed over the years.  Now my opinion is that if you are Gay that is your business.  If you want to come out of the closet that is your option.  I will not hold your sexual preference against you.  My sexual preference is Black women.  To some that is as bad as being gay.

Until recent talk shows on the subject what I am about to say was known by a few people.  Sally Jesse Raphael did one or two shows on this subject. I feel it is still swept under the rug.  There are babies born with both sets of sex organs.  They are both male and female.  In most cases the doctors did not say anything and eliminated one set of sex organs.  In many cases I would imagine the male sex organs were seen by the parents and in many cases the doctor saw the male organs and did not notice the female organs until after saying it's a boy.   They aren't going to say, It's a boy....It's a girl!

If the parents think it's a boy they will remove the female organs.  If the parents do not know they will make it a boy or a girl depending on how they feel.  The odds are that they will be wrong fifty percent of the time.  I feel that they should wait until the child exhibits its sexual orientation.

You have probably heard men that dress as women say that they women trapped in men's bodies. People who changed their sex more than likely people who were born both sexes and the doctor made the wrong call.

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