Is lynching a thing of the past?

1911 Laura Nelson

I had a friend who lived in Alabama when he was a kid. At 12 he saw his uncle get lynched. He was next but he escaped. With the help of family and friends he made to Detroit.

Many who go through something like that end up hating whites. In his case he did not hold it against all whites.

My second ex-wife is Black. We were married in her parents yard in one of the rougher areas of Detroit. As I was waiting for her to be lead up the driveway I saw a lady coming to the wedding. She saw me and put the present down and walked away.

During the summer the family gave great parties. I was sitting at the bar next to the same lady and my mother in law. They were talking about whites when the lady realized I was the white guy. She asked my mother in law how she could talk like that in front of the white guy. My mother in law said, “He ain't white. Don't know what the hell he is but he ain't white.”

That broke the ice with the lady and she she asked me if I remembered her. I said I did but I was sure she had good reason to do what she did.

She told me she saw her father lynched and since then she never liked whites.

I know many blacks who are prejudice against whites. Many have good reason.

Now you don't see much if anything about lynchings but there is still a lot of racial violence. The KKK and other hate groups are still busy. Cops still kill innocent victims of their abuse.

Minorities are attacked by whites often just because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gangs protecting their turf is a source of interracial violence.

It is not unusual to hear about groups of young whites attacking a lone minortity. The Luis Ramirez's case is an example.

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