Native Americans

Bigotry is still alive

The Native American is the original American.  The Europeans came here and brought them disease and tried to force their religion and way of life on them.  When that did not work they tried genocide.  When that did not work they stole their land and moved them to reservations.

Today the Native American is still struggling to be left alone by the white man.  Those who try to blend into society are discriminated against.  The Native Americans still fight for this country and are helping build this country.  This section is going to show what is happening in this country.  The words will be from Native Americans.

If you have something that you feel will open the eyes of people, please, e-mail me  with your story, links or comments.  I want to wake up America.  Many people actually think that there is no problem.  This is one website and it may not help by itself. Combined with the efforts of other sites we all may make a difference.  Then someone who has power may look at this and decide it is time for bigotry to be eliminated in the government.  

This is not just my  section of the Castle but it is the Native Americans' site.

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"How smooth must be the
language of the whites, when
they can make right look like
wrong, and wrong like right."
From Black Hawk (Makataimeshekiakiak)
Sauk war chief


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